Thursday, June 7, 2012

Update on the FAM

Now thats you've gotten a hat update, time for a family update :)

DP: His last day of Kindergarten is TOMORROW! When did I get a first grader?! It's hard to believe. Awesome thing is that he is big enough to help with chores now :)  He has been putting dishes away for me (something I DESPISE) and helping with his sister more. MY big boy :)

"Bad pic, but you get the jist.  So proud of my baby!"

Jo: She, as well is getting too beg. Shes a little diva and has been non stop telling us "NO". Even when she means yes.  "Hey Jo, you want a bath? "NO!" ::runs to the bathroom::   "Hey Jo want some cereal?" "NO!" ::runs to the cabinet::   She's also getting the concept of the potty. YES shes only 18 months (almost) but she has a very very large interest in everything potty related. She will say "Mommy!! Poppy PEEPEE!!" and run to the potty. Sit on it, push her little whatevers out and then want to wipe. Sometimes she gets something out, sometimes not, but at this point we are only in the beginning stages so it's all good :) She spends most of her days naked, but doesn't pee on the floor. She also demands a diaper when she needs to poop (if the potty is not desired). She talks alllll the time. Yesterday she grabbed DP's head and said "Oh baby, come ere"  lol, so adorable and it was clear as day so we all laughed. 

"My long legged girl :) "

B: His job is REALLY picking up! There is a new boss so he has been doing his best to impress (and is doing an awesome job!) I'm super proud of him! He gets excited to do new things since this boss (well there are 3 of them, so new bosses) ask him to do a ton of random things that don't inclue little ticket runs. Today he is installing a air conditioner! He is giddy, lol. I love seeing him so happy :)  We have been doing more family things, and Wednesday is "NO GAME" night, so family night. We watched a movie with the kids and then had the night to ourselves. Very nice :) He is coaching DP's baseball team and is loving it! 

"Coach B"

Me: My weight loss has stalled a bit, but I'm not giving up! I'm down about 55-60lbs so far! Proud of MEEE! Business is going good! I have a few jobs this summer and the hats are picking up a little since everyone knows that Christmas isn't too far away :) Get your orders in now because the sooner the better! You don't want to get stuck in the after Thanksgiving rush! Died my hair, but it needs to be redone already. I love it! I should have been born with neon hair, I swear! 

Because I haven't updated in a while...PHOTO AVALANCHE!!


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