Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A new era

Whep, Jo is done breastfeeding. I thought she would have put up more of a fight, but she seems ok with it. We've tried once before a couple months ago, but she wasn't ready then at all. She fought tooth and nail!  I'm a little emo over the whole thing. I mean...what happened to my baby! My little booger!? She's all big and walking and talking (somewhat) and giving me attitude! She needs to stay little just a little while longer. I'm excited for the future and things to come, but then I look at DP and realize he's growing up too fast too. These kid need to slow it the hell down, mom isn't cool with this.

I start taking my new BP meds tomorrow morning! I'm excited :) Who knew something as small as going from taking 9 pills a day down to 1 a day would make me so happy. Its the little things I guess.  Oandalso the doc said that after a month of taking the BP pills if all is well we will discuss my weightloss plan :) OOOOOOH YESSSSS! He had basically told me to not worry about losing weight while I was breastfeeding Jo, too much stress and thats the one thing I didn't need. Now I can work on me!

B had a appt today with our doctor to discuss his losing weight because of his gastritis and the quitting smoking thing. He gave him something that is suppose to coat your stomach, and then he also refilled his stop smoking pills. I'm so happy he wanted to do this. Smoking is so gross, lol.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I forgot to add pics of my latest hats. Theres a ton so here are a few:

WOW I've slacked

So real sorrya bout being such a slacker on the posts. A SHIT TON has happened since my last post. I'm talking life altering stuff. I'm talking so big that I'm not going to get into this on here. Sorry folks, not getting into it. All you need to know is this:

I'm gonna make it.

SO! Update on the chillins.

DP is doing awesome in kindergarten! He has all A's and B's and loving it :) He's playing Tball this spring (GO BULLDOGS!!) and is very excited about it.

Squeaker will now be known as Jo. She has come into a nick name and it fits her well. So Jo is now walking, gibbering on and on about things I can't even explain and is still on the boob. Thats right folks, 14 months and not looking like she is gonna stop any time soon! Have to start trying to wean her soon tho, doctors orders.

B is a little sick. Well ok, a lot sick. He has a few tummy issues and he basically for a while cant eat anything with any sort of flavor. Gastritis blows!! He weighed himself and lets just say I feel like a moo capitol MOO cow.  Poor guy. He is however trying to quit smoking and that rocks!

So me: Still having BP issues and I am kinda sick of being fat. I'm starting a exercise plan so lets hope that works shall we?