Thursday, August 18, 2011


DP starts KINDERGARTEN on monday O_____o

When did this happen?

When did I get a 5 year old?

Whiskey  Tango   Foxtrot

Monday, August 1, 2011

Just got done a couple orders and want to share the hats :)

Nawwww :) 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

O's hat :)

My nephews 1st birthday is coming up and I wanted to make him a cute little hat for this fall/winter. His daddy insisted on a O's hat, so that's what he gets :)

Here's my cutie pie Squeaker in the hat, hopefully soon I can get one of my nephew on his birthday wearing it too. STAY TUNED


Friday, July 22, 2011

New hats :)

Got a few new hats to show off :)


Love my little ladybug

Teehee. . . 

She is quite a monkey

And lastly, its not a cute baby, but they are cute nonetheless 

Little weighted owls  : )

All this can be found on my facebook page of course. You should TOTALLY go like it ;)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

How cute is this?

Again, ignore Hannah the head. Yes she has a name :)   Anyways how cute is this bow? I love it! It's also for my cousin, and she didn't give me specifics on what she wanted so I made this cute little number. I going to take a better pic for my site, or maybe go at Hannah with some nail polish remover to get the black dragon outline off her face. Maybe not. . .

The DSU hat is DONE!

My cousin goes to Delaware State University and asked me to make her a hat.

And I did :)

Ignore the mess in the background....and the weird head the hat is on, lol. Black facepaint doesnt come off of  plastic head very well btw...

SO yeah! I wanted to make the DSU in the front different, but for some reason it was coming out funny. 

See how the top you can make out what is says but its just not so clear? I liked that design SO much better, but I didn't like how it wasnt more clear. So I had to use the lower one after remaking the top one 3 TIMES.

Next up is a Moose A Moose lovey pillow :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4 more days to vote in the CUTEST BABY contest!

GO HERE and vote for the baby you think should win a FREE hat from me!




:)    Today has been spent trying to calm an angry 6 month old and making hats....per usual!

The one hat I have been working on for a bit is a Phillys hat. The green know....


SO far the actual hat part is done, and now I am working on his...nose...I guess you'd call it? LOL, well anyways yeah, so he should be done within a week or so I hope. The customer doesn't need it till Christmas so its not rush. 

Just got done a order for a Dino hat and a bear hat:

Super cuteness. And yes she is wearing a "I enjoy boobies" onesie. Be jealous :)

REMEMBER!! There are a few hats that are for sale pre made in my ETSY store. The ones that say "Private Listing" are obviously not for sale, but the rest are!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th America!!

Just some pictures of my loves to celebrate this 4th of July!!



 This last one here is of my brother. I love him. He was waving at cars for a good 10 minutes with that goofy ass grin on his face.

Hope you all had a womderful holiday!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Review on my stuff!!

Reviewed by CC: Monsters? more like Cuties :): "Mommy's Little Monsters worked with me to figure out a review item for her store. She ended up surprising me with a Rapunzel hair crown, ..."

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Update time :)

Hello my lovleys :) Updates!!

DP:   It's SUMMER TIME and he is enjoying himself so far :) Got to go fishing with daddy alot and gets to play whenever he wants. Ahh to be a kid...he's very excited about kindergarten next year! We will be doing lots of school work to keep him fresh.


Squeaker: Shes 6 MONTHS OLD!! Oh man, where does the time go?! She can sit by herself and is trying so hard to move everywhere. She says "baby baby" but I doubt at 6 month its really meaning that. She also says "Maaa" to me. I like to think shes talking to me. Shuu don't tell me otherwise.


B:  He's...well B. He got a new TV so currently he is playing COD as usual :) Whatever makes him happy. <3

Me:  I started a new business type thing :) Im making crochet hats and headands and other stuff! So fun!! I have en Etsy store and eerything!!

                                                                  My Etsy store!

I do custom stuff like:

And more of course :) 

Friday, March 11, 2011

The kids are asleep and I have free time!

Holy moly that almost never happens!! I even got to take a nice hot bath :)


  •   His new job is going awesome! We get to move into our new apartment as soon as he is done making it perdy for us. Can't wait to have more room and beable to put DP in his OWN room!
  •  He is about done with his class for medical assisting, and he moves on to the externship which BLOWS but its only for a month and a half. It will be from 5-10 monday thru friday....alone....all day with the kids....monday thru friday...did I mention alone?
  • He is just about obsessed with the DAMN COD game he got...I'm about to do mean things to the game. Very mean things. I can't do it to the XBOX because I like to play kenict.
  • School is going well. There is a certain kid we will call "Fabio" that keeps messing and punching him, but the school said they are going to send an officer to meet with him and his parents since because he has messed with DP 3 times now it is considered bullying. DERN SKIPPY!!
  • He is adjusting well to having a sister. He is a little more clingy but overall is an awesome big brother.

  • Had her 2 month appointment and she is 9lbs 9oz and 23 1/2 inces long. She is tall and skinny like her daddy, thank goodness. I didn't want her to be cursed with the short and fat like her momma.
  • She is getting too big! I sit her in my lap so she can look around and she can already keep her head still and pulls forward to play with her feet.
  • Breastfeeding is going well. She is only on breastmilk and is now able to take a bottle of it! Now I can just pump and leave and not be afraid she will starve. She may pitch a fit and scream because it is not me there but baby steps steps!

  • I'm freakin' exausted.
  • I haven't had time to clean or anything. The house is a disaster.
  • I look like hell and I don't care
  • I need to get on the ball with losing weight. I feel like a cow but I just can't seem to do anthing. I want so badly to just go out and take a run but it's so hard with a baby. The people who say "oooh take the baby with you and walk!" Probably haven't had kids. It takes an immense amount of work to get the kid in the stroller let alone take a walk. Plus being breastfed I can only take like an hour walk before shes hungry again. Walking while breastfeeding and pushing a stroller isn't my idea of enjoyment.

I don't have any new face paintings for you all, I've been busy and haven't done any :) I have however been getting my poster together and laminated some pictures so I can put magnets on the back and use them over and over without taping them to the board. Thats a pain in the ass. Now I can just plop them on there and if I don't feel like doing that design I can take it off and replace it! Awesome. OOOH I got a blacklight too! I can use my UV paints!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011



I was a big youtuber back in the day...but then I lost my password! I couldn't access my shiz forever but I DID IT!!!! I can do videos again!!! YAAAAAAY

THIS is me!!!!

Some of my recent stuff

   I like the bunny ok.
I look like a smurf
This one is pretty cool

If you want to check out the other pics in my facebook album click HERE 

And by the waaaaay, if you are in the Washington DC metro area, Calvert, Prince Georges, or AnneArundel counties, I'm TOTALLY available for parties :)


Ohhhhh lawdy lawdy

There is so much  DRAMA DRAMA going on in my family right now!!!

Here's the low down.

My brother married a psycho. She asked for someone to watch her son (6 months old) for a night and my dad and stepmom took the job! I was over the first night and spent time with the family and all and then we went home. That was Saturday. Monday rolls around and I get a message from my dad:

D: "Hey you heard from C or your brother?"
Me: "Nope...why"
D: "Cause we still have the baby"

WHAAATTTT?! She never came and got him. She left him there. She apparently told my brother "he's your kid, deal with it".

It's ok tho because my father now has temporary custody and then when the bro gets back, he will get it. I hope she never gets to see that baby again. Theres alot more to this story but I dont really want to get into it all. Im sure I will have ore blogs about it tho :)

I now hate 2 people in this world. One is a rapist and this one is a child abandoner.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I just got a "bobble". So far its pretty cool. I had to rinse it and all the carbon came out....I'm glad that didn't go in my mouth....ewwwwww

HERE is where you can get your own!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Starting tomorrow!

So here I am again, post baby and needing to lose weight. Not quite as heavy as I was before tho so I'm just that much ahead. Got the go ahead from the doctor to resume acivity so here we go!

Added the ticker above so we can keep track, and to remind myself to get off my ass.

In my favor, breastfeeding burns 500 calories a day by itself. Thats actually a good amount, so if I just add some cardio to start out and  adjust my eating habits I'll be off to a good start. Against me is the fact that breastfeeding makes you hungry as a mo. Plus I can't really do anything crazy like taking weightloss suppliments while nursing. I'm confident I can do this tho!

Lets talk short term goals:
  1. Drink 6 bottles of water per day (for me AND Squeaker!)
  2. Take all vitamins/suppliments
  3. No. fast. food.
  4. Limit 1-2 cans of soda per day
  5. 1 youtube video per week
Baby steps people!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Changed some stuff

So as you saw I put up the over 18 thing for adult content. This is just a precaution because I tend to curse and whatnot. Plus I'll be posting pics for weightloss updates and would want to O-fend anyone. Prudes.

I changed the title and all too. Instead of making seperate blogs I figured I'd just smoosh it all together! I'm a crafty one, I yam.

So next blog will be the weightloss blog start, spanks for lookin'!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New website

My website is up, it's not done but it is ok for now.
Mommys Little Monsters   <------ go

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I bought something magical

Got Squeaker a swing, and it's magical. She loves it! Put her in it and she just watches herself and coos, or falls asleep immediately. Like now she is completely asleep! WOOHOO!

B got his XBOX 360 last night and DP got a game too. Spent a good chunk of the night watching them play Toy Story 3. After DP went to bed B quickly changed the game to his beloved COD Black Ops. Of course. I didn't complain because Squeaker was passed out in the magical swing and I could actually get the dishes done. Score! I haven't done the dishes (all at once) in a month.

Car getting fixed, and I'm getting a new computer. Cause MY LORD this thing is SO SLOW!!! I want to get my face painting website done but it's not even possible with this ancient thing. It takes 5 minutes to load an email (NOT kidding) and its getting a little annoying. So psyched! Oh and I'm getting some new paints and supplies for the biz.

Oh, if you are in the DC metro area and you need a face painter, hit me up, yo.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Breastfeeding....kinda sucks right now.

Sooooooo Squeaker had to be supplimented with formula from birth. To get the jaundice out I made the decision to give it to her. She was a very sleepy nurser and I wanted to GET OUT of that hospital.

Since then we have been breastfeeding and pumping and giving minimal amounts of formula. Like 4oz a day MAX. I have been feeling like I'm not making a whole lot of milk so I've been pumping like a mad lady. I can get about 1 1/2oz out of the right breast and 1/2oz out of the other (tardy to the party there Thelma?) which I know pumping has no reflection on the amount of milk but I just felt like it wasn't alot. Sooooo I pump and give her bottles and nurse like 6 times a day on top of that.

My boobs are hurting like a mo!

Got some fenugreek today tho! Suppose to help with production, I'll let you know how it goes.....

edit: As of January 20th 2011, exclusively breastfeeding!

Squeakers birth story

It's been about 3 weeks since Squeakers was born , so I figure it's time for her birth story.

Her story really starts the night before on the 22nd of December. B and I drove to the hospital (an hour drive mind you) because the doctor said she was going to put in a cervadil to make me dilate more. Well when I got there with my bags and all (we were suppose to stay the night) I was told that I was far enough along that I didn't need to have the cervadil, and so she stripped my membranes and went home. I honestly would have preferred to stay at the hospital...the drive is annoying. They said I would sleep better at home tho so we went. Got home...went to sleep. DP was up all night coughing and my mother was taking up my whole bed. Not to mention the fact that I was really really nervous! So at 5:45am I woke up B and we left for the hospital. Got there right before 7 and they started me on antibiotics because I was group B strep positive. I was checked and was told that I was progressing nicely and they would start the pitocen. Well they did, but I wasn't feeling anything really. No pain whatsoever. I could feel the tightening but no pain. The doctor said that after the antibiotics are done they can break my water and things will start going after that. At 1pm almost they did the water That sucked ass. B said he felt like I was going to tear his arm off because the doctor had her arm so far in me I swear I felt her elbow! After that the contractions started to REALLY hurt. At about 3 they gave me something "for pain" in my IV but that did crap. It just made it so I couldn't react. After that wore off (dear lord I couldn't wait till it wore off!) I immediately asked for the epidural. Now I was really nervous about it because my last one didn't do CRAP. I basically went natural and man thats not fun. The guy came in and started and it was over before I knew it. Having contraction trough that wasn't pleasant but whatever. AFTER? Wow. Like friggin heaven. I felt the pressure but non of the pain. That went on for a good hour and a half and then they asked "how do you feel". I said "I might....beable to push?" Got checked and the doctor was like "oh yeah, she's right there" I thought she meant like she was ready to start being pushed out...but apparently she meant RIGHT there. 3 contractions and 11 minutes later she was here. Bruised to hell and back on her face, but she was here! They said from coming out so fast she got bruised up, so bad that the one nurse wanted to give her oxygen until she realized she was pink from the neck down. She was put right on my chest and she breastfed almost immediately. She had a MAJOR knot in her cord so thankfully it didn't cut off her oxygen.
                   She was jaundiced from the bruising, but it went away fairly quickly. She got to come home on Christmas day.

                                  Best Christmas ever.