Thursday, December 27, 2012

End of the year thoughts!

2012 is coming to a close and I want to share what 2013 has to offer!

I've had fun! This year was a real learning experience. I learned what worked, what didn't and what I want to accomplish for the new year!

I have a 4 page list of hats I need to get done for the new year! The first thing I am working on is VALENTINES DAY!!

~Monkey Love- Sock monkeys with a v-day theme
~Love bug- Little lady bug hats (with hearts)
~Whoooooo Loves You!?- V-day owl hats

This should be fun! Then onto Pattys Day, Easter, and then working more on face painting because that's when the "painting season" begins! YES!!!!!

I will be keeping a stock of certain hats for quick sale and for the craft fairs. Last year I was just making random stuff, and at the end of the year I was left with them. I had the auction, and they are thankfully all in new homes, but I want to avoid this next year. I will make a list of them in another blog post for quick access for you all.

As always PLEASE let me know if you have ideas or questions or anything! I really love when customers and readers let me know when there are opportunities for me to be a vendor at fairs and other places, so please if you hear of something going on, let me know!

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL holiday, whatever you celebrate :) 

Goodbye 2012! HELLO 2013!!

What is my resolution? The normal: Lose weight blah blah. I actually DID this one last year, 60 lbs, so I don't feel like such an ass when I say that's one of my resolutions. I'm hoping for at least 30 more this year, so as long as I get that done if I lose more its just a happy extra :) This means working out more, and actually taking the time for myself and not being so worried that I have to do everything perfectly. The dishes can wait, the floors don't HAVE to be vacuumed RIGHT NOW, get your happy ass outside and go for a walk.

Another is to not care what others think about me so much. I'm me and if others don't like it, they don't have to. As long as I like me, and I'm a good wife and mother, the rest doesn't matter.

I want to make sure my kids know that hard work is rewarded, and slacking is not. I want to teach DP the best I can, and make sure that when he does get back into public schools, he has a heads up above the rest. I want to get Jo into gymnastics or dance, shes so dainty and she would love it. I want to continue to be the most supportive wife I can be to B, and continue to focus on some "us" time, and to make more memorable times together.

Lastly, I want to get better at my work. I'm decent at it now, and pretty fast, but I want to expand to different things.Maybe make a sweater, some booties, or more blankets! This year I want to jump on getting the vendor spaces and jobs so that I can actually feel like I am contributing to our income :) That would make me very happy.

This is long, but not unattainable. All of this can be done, and will be in 2013

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Little bit of this...little bit of that!

You know, I always say I'm going to update this more and I get so caught up in other stuff. *le sigh*

Just a few new items I've added this week. I'm working my tail off to get more 5-adult hats because I am almost out! OH NOOOOS!!

Super cute little bottle bag for festivals or when you just don't have 3 hands.

Love the chunky scarves! SO WARM!!

Hehe, love <3

Super cute!

Did I mention I love rainbow stuff?

I can make these with ANY team colors!

I personally enjoy my little girls face in the Redskins hat. She's a goober :)

So I got a QR code now for anyone interested in being directed to my website:  

That little jobby job will take you right to my weebly website.  I was having issues making one for my facebook page, it was just sending you to the homepage. *shrug* oh well. 

Been doing lots of facepainting jobs lately! This weekend we will HOPEFULLY be at the Mount Airy Mansion Autumn Festival on Saturday, and then Sunday we will DEFINITELY be at the LaPlata Fall Festival. 

Some photos of happy painted people :)

Yeah. Thats me.

My son. Whadda ham :)

TOOTIE! I love this little girl!

Minnie :)


These were my first customers of the day :)

 It was his birthday!

Pretty little girl with a fishie on her :), ha!

Brook my apprentice!

Hello Kitty!

 Spider queen

 Very happy kitty


My crew that day :)\

Alright, I won't photobomb you all anymore, lol. Until next time! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Epilepsy NINJA!!

So I ran across this link on facebook, since I "like" the Craftsy page, and I wanted to help!

CRAFTSY BLOG! <~~~clickie!

Purple is the awareness color for epilepsy, and these wonderful people are making purple things to send to kids and teens with it! I SOOOO had to help! I made a purple girl ninja!!

Pretty awesome right?  This little baby (the hat, not the actual baby) will be in the mail on Friday!

Are you crafty? You want to help out and make some kids day? Send your finished project to:

Purple Stitch Project
9901 Brodie Ln, Ste 160 #268
Austin, TX 78748

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


HI ALL! Wow I've been SO busy with orders! I'm loving all the new stuff I'm getting out tho! Now a PHOTO DUMP for you!

I had to start watermarking all my photos now (someone stole some of my photos!) but thats ok! Safer for me and more fun photos for you without me being mad about people not respecting my things.

Theres more....but I will spare you the download time, lol.

SO about the picture being stolen. Ok, you all remember when I started making the "camer buddy" back in March/April?


I got an order for an Ernie from sesame street camera buddy. I had never done him before so I went about looking for pictures...none. Noone had made one or if they did they never posted picture. I will just wing it. On the left there is what I came up with. Customer loved it, paid and all is happy.

So about 2 weeks ago I was trying to figure out how to see comments from fans on my FB page, because my privacy settings made it so noone could see them. Figured it out, and went to go delete the spam. There was a woman posting on my wall about "oh, I do those" and "those look JUST like mine!" and I had no clue what she meant, so I deleted the comments. Well, I noticed she has mentioned she also crocheted, and being a lover of all things crochet, I went to look at her pictures. Well she has a small page, only about 11 likes, and a few photos. Well looking through her pics, she makes dog sweaters, thats cool. Well amoung them I noticed MY PICTURE!! ^ that one!! She was taking credit for it like she had made it! I was like OOOOOH I DONT THINK SO!! I reported the picture and told the woman to take it down. My friends also reported it, and commented that they knew it was my picture, and she needed to remove it. Know what she said...."maybe we have the same table...ever think of that." O.o    Seriously? And to top it off, she had made a Elmo and it looked WAY WAY different. Like the style wasnt even the same. I don't knock peoples work, and everyone has their strong points, but she couldn't take credit for my just wasnt the same.  She TO THIS DAY swears that I "stole her idea" ( buddys were your idea?) and that I stole her  sesame street idea (I had no idea you owned sesame street!) so finally the picture was pulled by FB and I informed her to never contact me again. I watermarked all my work and replaced the non watermarked pictures with the watermarked ones. SO MUCH WORK but well worth it. Lesson? Always mark your work and make it known its yours!  People should respect that! I love that I inspire people, but please please don't take credits for my photos and work. Thats not even a good picture! lol.

Alright, enough of my business drama! Hope you enjoy the pictures and I hope you will "like" my page and show some love!

OH! Another thing! If you have any customer reviews for me please email me or message me and let me know! I will feature your review and picture in a blog and post it on my website! Plus you get a coupon code for your next order! Thanks!