Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4 more days to vote in the CUTEST BABY contest!

GO HERE and vote for the baby you think should win a FREE hat from me!




:)    Today has been spent trying to calm an angry 6 month old and making hats....per usual!

The one hat I have been working on for a bit is a Phillys hat. The green know....


SO far the actual hat part is done, and now I am working on his...nose...I guess you'd call it? LOL, well anyways yeah, so he should be done within a week or so I hope. The customer doesn't need it till Christmas so its not rush. 

Just got done a order for a Dino hat and a bear hat:

Super cuteness. And yes she is wearing a "I enjoy boobies" onesie. Be jealous :)

REMEMBER!! There are a few hats that are for sale pre made in my ETSY store. The ones that say "Private Listing" are obviously not for sale, but the rest are!

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