Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Little bit of this...little bit of that!

You know, I always say I'm going to update this more and I get so caught up in other stuff. *le sigh*

Just a few new items I've added this week. I'm working my tail off to get more 5-adult hats because I am almost out! OH NOOOOS!!

Super cute little bottle bag for festivals or when you just don't have 3 hands.

Love the chunky scarves! SO WARM!!

Hehe, love <3

Super cute!

Did I mention I love rainbow stuff?

I can make these with ANY team colors!

I personally enjoy my little girls face in the Redskins hat. She's a goober :)

So I got a QR code now for anyone interested in being directed to my website:  

That little jobby job will take you right to my weebly website.  I was having issues making one for my facebook page, it was just sending you to the homepage. *shrug* oh well. 

Been doing lots of facepainting jobs lately! This weekend we will HOPEFULLY be at the Mount Airy Mansion Autumn Festival on Saturday, and then Sunday we will DEFINITELY be at the LaPlata Fall Festival. 

Some photos of happy painted people :)

Yeah. Thats me.

My son. Whadda ham :)

TOOTIE! I love this little girl!

Minnie :)


These were my first customers of the day :)

 It was his birthday!

Pretty little girl with a fishie on her :)

Also...me, ha!

Brook my apprentice!

Hello Kitty!

 Spider queen

 Very happy kitty


My crew that day :)\

Alright, I won't photobomb you all anymore, lol. Until next time! 

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