Thursday, January 27, 2011

I bought something magical

Got Squeaker a swing, and it's magical. She loves it! Put her in it and she just watches herself and coos, or falls asleep immediately. Like now she is completely asleep! WOOHOO!

B got his XBOX 360 last night and DP got a game too. Spent a good chunk of the night watching them play Toy Story 3. After DP went to bed B quickly changed the game to his beloved COD Black Ops. Of course. I didn't complain because Squeaker was passed out in the magical swing and I could actually get the dishes done. Score! I haven't done the dishes (all at once) in a month.

Car getting fixed, and I'm getting a new computer. Cause MY LORD this thing is SO SLOW!!! I want to get my face painting website done but it's not even possible with this ancient thing. It takes 5 minutes to load an email (NOT kidding) and its getting a little annoying. So psyched! Oh and I'm getting some new paints and supplies for the biz.

Oh, if you are in the DC metro area and you need a face painter, hit me up, yo.

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