Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ohhhhh lawdy lawdy

There is so much  DRAMA DRAMA going on in my family right now!!!

Here's the low down.

My brother married a psycho. She asked for someone to watch her son (6 months old) for a night and my dad and stepmom took the job! I was over the first night and spent time with the family and all and then we went home. That was Saturday. Monday rolls around and I get a message from my dad:

D: "Hey you heard from C or your brother?"
Me: "Nope...why"
D: "Cause we still have the baby"

WHAAATTTT?! She never came and got him. She left him there. She apparently told my brother "he's your kid, deal with it".

It's ok tho because my father now has temporary custody and then when the bro gets back, he will get it. I hope she never gets to see that baby again. Theres alot more to this story but I dont really want to get into it all. Im sure I will have ore blogs about it tho :)

I now hate 2 people in this world. One is a rapist and this one is a child abandoner.

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