Friday, March 11, 2011

The kids are asleep and I have free time!

Holy moly that almost never happens!! I even got to take a nice hot bath :)


  •   His new job is going awesome! We get to move into our new apartment as soon as he is done making it perdy for us. Can't wait to have more room and beable to put DP in his OWN room!
  •  He is about done with his class for medical assisting, and he moves on to the externship which BLOWS but its only for a month and a half. It will be from 5-10 monday thru friday....alone....all day with the kids....monday thru friday...did I mention alone?
  • He is just about obsessed with the DAMN COD game he got...I'm about to do mean things to the game. Very mean things. I can't do it to the XBOX because I like to play kenict.
  • School is going well. There is a certain kid we will call "Fabio" that keeps messing and punching him, but the school said they are going to send an officer to meet with him and his parents since because he has messed with DP 3 times now it is considered bullying. DERN SKIPPY!!
  • He is adjusting well to having a sister. He is a little more clingy but overall is an awesome big brother.

  • Had her 2 month appointment and she is 9lbs 9oz and 23 1/2 inces long. She is tall and skinny like her daddy, thank goodness. I didn't want her to be cursed with the short and fat like her momma.
  • She is getting too big! I sit her in my lap so she can look around and she can already keep her head still and pulls forward to play with her feet.
  • Breastfeeding is going well. She is only on breastmilk and is now able to take a bottle of it! Now I can just pump and leave and not be afraid she will starve. She may pitch a fit and scream because it is not me there but baby steps steps!

  • I'm freakin' exausted.
  • I haven't had time to clean or anything. The house is a disaster.
  • I look like hell and I don't care
  • I need to get on the ball with losing weight. I feel like a cow but I just can't seem to do anthing. I want so badly to just go out and take a run but it's so hard with a baby. The people who say "oooh take the baby with you and walk!" Probably haven't had kids. It takes an immense amount of work to get the kid in the stroller let alone take a walk. Plus being breastfed I can only take like an hour walk before shes hungry again. Walking while breastfeeding and pushing a stroller isn't my idea of enjoyment.

I don't have any new face paintings for you all, I've been busy and haven't done any :) I have however been getting my poster together and laminated some pictures so I can put magnets on the back and use them over and over without taping them to the board. Thats a pain in the ass. Now I can just plop them on there and if I don't feel like doing that design I can take it off and replace it! Awesome. OOOH I got a blacklight too! I can use my UV paints!!

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  1. I look like hell and don't care either!! :)

    This is callthewind from the bump and I'm just now getting around to checking out blogs and following!