Saturday, June 25, 2011

Update time :)

Hello my lovleys :) Updates!!

DP:   It's SUMMER TIME and he is enjoying himself so far :) Got to go fishing with daddy alot and gets to play whenever he wants. Ahh to be a kid...he's very excited about kindergarten next year! We will be doing lots of school work to keep him fresh.


Squeaker: Shes 6 MONTHS OLD!! Oh man, where does the time go?! She can sit by herself and is trying so hard to move everywhere. She says "baby baby" but I doubt at 6 month its really meaning that. She also says "Maaa" to me. I like to think shes talking to me. Shuu don't tell me otherwise.


B:  He's...well B. He got a new TV so currently he is playing COD as usual :) Whatever makes him happy. <3

Me:  I started a new business type thing :) Im making crochet hats and headands and other stuff! So fun!! I have en Etsy store and eerything!!

                                                                  My Etsy store!

I do custom stuff like:

And more of course :) 

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